Our family is so amazing - talented, passionate and fun to work with.
Without our contributors, Mission: P.E.T.S. would not be as unique or jam-packed as it is. Take a moment to say hello to the Mission Family!

Heather Hovis
As an intuit and empath, Heather Hovis is able to assist individuals and animals to go beyond blocks, old patterns of thought and other integrated issues that are not aligned with their goals and sense of peace. For the last year and a half, Heather has been working with horses using Reiki and intuitive communication. Based in Washington, Heather is currently focusing on her conscious work to be of greater service to the business world, clients and animals. You can visit Heather online at: www.HovisVentures.com
Debbie Kandoll
Debbie Kandoll is a life-long animal lover. A retired high school Spanish educator who wanted to do something to "Support Our Troops", she purposed to "give back" by adopting and giving a "Forever Home" to a retiring Military Working Dog. The difficulty she encountered during her personal search in finding a retiring Military Working Dog (MWD) to adopt inspired her to create an informational website (www.militaryworkingdogadoptions.com) listing the step-by-step "How To's of Military Working Dog Adoption" for all who might be interested in giving these retiring K-9 Heroes "Forever Homes." She staffs the website and answers all questions submitted by potential MWD adopters. In addition, when needed, Debbie has spearheaded the fundraising efforts to transport retired MWDs to their "Forever Homes." Once these noble K-9s retire, the Military will NOT pay for a dog's transport. To date, MWD Adoptions has transported retiring MWD's to the US from Korea, Italy and Hawaii!
Mary MacNab
Mary is a life-long intuitive, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient perceiver. Her abilities go beyond psychic perception, into the sacred architecture of soul level alignment, accessing your soul’s blueprint for internal resonance. She perceives what resonates, and what is out of harmony with the authentic self. By putting her personal self aside, she acts as a conscious conduit for Source. In so doing, she facilitates the connection between one’s conscious mind, body, and Source, or soul alignment, and help all aspects of self move into resonance with what the soul truly came here to create and express. Working in tandem with our creature companions is one way Mary feels we can bring balance into our interactions with nature and our environment. There is a wealth of documented information on how All Our Relations act to educate and protect us. We can now observe the gifts of seals rescuing swimmers in trouble, dolphins protecting divers from sharks, elephants rescuing children from a tsunami, and our own companions taking on our health and emotional issues as their own. Mary offers companion readings that help us to realize our inter-connectedness and work together to help one another and our world. To contact Mary, send e-mail to mary@delphicwave.com or use the contact form on the Ask Mary page of the Delphic Wave website. To schedule an appointment, e-mail isis@delphicwave.com.
Joan Mayer
Dear Inquisitive Canine is written by Joan Mayer and her trusty sidekick Poncho. Joan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and human-canine relationship coach. Poncho is a ten-pound mutt that knows a lot about human and canine behavior. Their column is known for its simple common sense approach to dog training and behavior, as well as its entertaining insight into implementing proven techniques that reward both owner and dog.

Joan is also the founder of the Inquisitive Canine and developer of the Out of the Box Dog Training Game where her love-of-dog training approach highlights the importance of understanding canine behavior, while teaching you to teach your dog. If you or your dog have questions about behavior, training or life with each other, please feel free to contact them via email.

Christina Selter
Christina Selter, like millions of Americans, loves pets. Having founded Bark Buckle UP, christina@barkbuckleup.com, an organization dedicated to pet travel safety. Selter is the leader in pet safety education and travels the country working closely with first responders, safety experts and pet industry leaders.
Heather Venezia
Heather has been a volunteer with Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoption for the past few years. She’s involved in their Training Wheels program and is usually fostering at least one pup. Within the past 10 years she has been extremely involved with various animal shelters and rescue organizations. Heather, her husband and daughter currently share their home with their 2 pit bulls, Scrappy & Lilo, and 3 cats Hannah, Tootsie, & Kodak.