...A movement so great, if we all just took one step in the right direction we'd reach out to the whole world in no time. And in the process, we'd help to save and enrich the lives of our very best friends, our furry friends, our most loyal and loving companions.

Sometimes our world can seem cold and uninviting. No one knows this better than our beloved companions... our pets. Millions of animals are abused, neglected, mistreated, starved, euthanized... never given a chance and all without a whisper or voice.
TAG! YOU'RE IT! is a revolution, an awakening. Through awareness and education, one ordinary person can make a positive difference in the silent lives of these animals. Through very simple steps and a change in perspective, we can all change the world for our beloved friends all over.

Want to help make a difference?

Take the first step today to help the plight of animals all over. Spread the word to continue the cycle of TAG! YOU'RE IT. You will help to save and improve the lives of animals nationwide. And by promoting our Mission, you help to get the word out!!! Let's take a stand together! Help jumpstart the revolution!