Animals in URGENT need of foster, adoption, rescuing
and/or medical attention, donations etc...

Here you will find information on how to help out dogs who are in urgent need of donations, adoption or rescue, or other pressing issues.

  • The Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter & Adoption Center has 200 dogs in urgent need. They are full beyond capacity and need your help for fostering, rescuing or adopting. They have many dogs in their facility that have been waiting for homes since 2009... Please check out their videos and share with everyone you know who may be able to help give these precious babes a loving home. They've been waiting for 3 years. The Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter website is:
  • The Brookhaven Bully Alliance is a program that was formed to encourage shelters and rescues to help alleviate the overpopulation of Pit Bulls and mixes from the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. All approved organizations will receive $250 in funding for each dog rescued from our municipal shelter. Their website is: -- and you can find their "URGENT" dogs at:

Through Passion and Education, Together we CAN make a difference
to help Save and Enrich the lives of animals!

There's a match out there for each of our furry friends....
together we can network to find just the right home for them!

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